Hi, I’m Mike, aka “The Architect”, aka “Gentleman Tomcat”,  Founder of Dead Channel. I’m an Industrial Designer, Dungeon Master, and Motorcyclist looking to combine my interests of design and roleplaying games to establish Dead Channel as the go-to resource for science-fiction styled table top gaming accessories.

The idea for Dead Channel started kicking around in my head around 2017, when I first purchased a set of dice for their beauty, not just as a tool. The dice were this translucent purple with golden flecks inside with golden numbers, they looked like a NASA image compressed into resin, they entranced me. I started looking into dice accessories and nothing really stuck, most of them were beautiful wooden boxes but only transported the dice, I was looking for something that I could keep on my desk as art. This is where the idea for the Dice Capsule emerged, a travel case and a display case that I could keep on my desk to show off the dice’s beauty but to also remind me of all the good times I’ve had with my friends and to all the adventures that await us. 

With the product idea in mind I began to determine what the experience Dead Channel products would embody, and I couldn’t resist making products that look and feel as though they could come straight from a science-fiction movie.  As much as I enjoy playing D&D in a old-world fantasy setting I love the look and feel of  science fiction objects, whether its the 1980’s future world of Blade Runner or the 2010’s future from the Ghost in the Shell movie (sure the movie wasn’t great but the design was amazing!). I have many plans for more products so stay tuned, sign up for the mailing list and join me on this journey into the future!


My goal is to create cool, long lasting products to enhance and improve your tabletop gaming experience.  Every Dead Channel product is an original design and intended to last a lifetime. 

I always welcome feedback!  Please tell me how to improve your experience with Dead Channel and its products.   Your input is the best way to ensure I am making a durable and satisfying product that you will look forward to using for years to come.

Nobody likes paying for shipping so I will take that burden from you.  Dead Channel will cover the cost of shipping on your first order and all returns.   If for any reason you are not satisfied with your experience I will always do what I can to make it right.